Education Information and Classes Offered

              For those who are going for their 2nd renewal and on, the following is required:

-- 3 hours NFPA 54 Code update Course
-- 5 hours of "related gas" training

                                        Make sure you keep all your proof of education to be copied and sent in with your                                                         renewal.

                                         FOR THOSE WHO HOLD A MASSACHUSETTS PLUMBERS & GAS FITTER'S LICENSE:  

                                     The education you are required to take for that  Mass license can be used towards the non-                                        NFPA 54 training hours required for your New Hampshire Gas Fitters License renewal (It                                             cannot be used for the NFPA 54 portion).  The Fire Marshal's Office will except 3 hours each                                       year of your Massachusett's License classes.  Upon receiving proof, it will be counted                                                 toward your  "related gas" training.

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