Education Information and Classes Offered

              For those who are going for their 2nd renewal and on, the following is required:

-- 3 hours NFPA 54 Code update Course
-- 5 hours of "related gas" training

                                        Make sure you keep all your proof of education to be copied and sent in with your                                                         renewal.

                                         FOR THOSE WHO HOLD A MASSACHUSETTS PLUMBERS & GAS FITTER'S LICENSE:  

                                     The education you are required to take for that  Mass license can be used towards the non-                                        NFPA 54 training hours required for your New Hampshire Gas Fitters License renewal (It                                             cannot be used for the NFPA 54 portion).  The Fire Marshal's Office will except 3 hours each                                       year of your Massachusett's License classes.  Upon receiving proof, it will be counted                                                 toward your  "related gas" training.

We will be holding the following classes this year:

March 29, 2014:  Madison NH NFPA 54 & 5 hours related
May 10, 2014:Hampton NH      NFPA 54 & 5 hours related
October 25, 2014:  Manchester NH       NFPA 54, 5 hours related & Plumbing Lic renewal

To register click on the link below to download a registration form:

March Class


May Class  

October Class

The Fire Marshal's Office is offering
last minute Thursday "related gas" classes
These classes are free and offered on the 4th Thursday of the
                           month most of the time.  Click on the link below for more information.  CALL SHANA at 223-4289 to register if you are interested.  Always make sure to call first as the class may be cancelled for that month. For  more information
click below: