Plumbers, Fuel Gas Fitters, HVAC Association of New Hampshire
Plumbers, Fuel Gas Fitters, HVAC Association of New Hampshire
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning / Refrigeration

Have a current job opening and in need of qualified employees?
It’s that time of year again at Manchester Community College, the HVAC students are graduating with their associate degrees or
certificates in heating, AC, or both. Our students are motivated and qualified to enter the industry. They have shown their level of
commitment by investing in their education. They have received over 1,000 hours of training, including roughly 500 hours of hands
on lab experience.

If you’re only looking for summer help and not full time employees, MCC students, who are completing their first year, are
EXTREMELY interested in an opportunity to work in the field for the summer. Most of them already have their gas fitters trainee
license and have accumulated some hours in the lab. They want to work full-time in the field for the summer to accumulate more
hours. Take advantage of this FREE opportunity.

❏❏ I would like my open position(s) included in the employment packet that is distributed to the MCC students.
If you would just like your open position(s) included in our employment packet that is distributed to the students, please be
sure to submit this form by April 6, 2018.

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Is this position ❏ Heating ❏ Air Conditioning ❏ Refrigeration ❏ Combination
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Additional information:
For more information, contact Eddie Curran, HVAC Program Coordinator at
Manchester Community

Applications for gas licenses and affidavits are now available online, click here

If you would like to purchase an NFPA Gas Code Book (2009 edition), click below:

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